We help our clients optimize business processes by providing customized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)services. We offer wide range of services throughout the customer lifecycle


and Assurance

Our wide-ranging of audit and assurance services to bring real value to strengthen the investor confidence of the business .

HR Selection

& Development

Based on your requirement programmers are designed to meet
the specific human resource development needs of your organization.



we take care of the non-core but critical corporate compliance matters for you, so you may focus on your business.

Our knowledgeable

team of tax experts,

who are very familiar with all the prevailing tax laws will assist you on;



We provide independent advice on complex business problems at senior levels in the public and private sectors. We take a hands-on role to ensure solutions are not only conceived, but also delivered with genuine benefits.

Budget Highlights


This publication brings to the attention of our clients, the highlights of the government policies, as stated in the Budget Speech presented in the Parliament on 20.11.2015 Download

Our Vision

To be the most respected Firm of Chartered Accountants, with professionals who are known for integrity and competence.

Our Mission

Offer Quality and Superior services to all clients through competent, experienced and professional staff, in a competitive yet respectful working environment.

About us

B. R. De Silva & Co. is a firm of Chartered Accountants with a range of services having access to international resources and expertise, giving emphasis on quality and personal attention. Established in 1954, the firm is one of the well established local firms with international connections in Sri Lanka. In accordance with our philosophy of achieving excellence we place great emphasis on quality, timely performance and value whilst maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We keep a close touch with all alumni, many of whom are now CEOs or CFOs in many businesses. Over 60 years, the firm has nurtured over 300 professionals and 3000+ other staff at different levels of expertise.

Tax calendar February 2016

15th February 2016

  • Income Tax – 3rd Installment of Y/A 2015/2016

  • Partnership Tax Payment – 3rd Installment of Y/A 2015/2016

  • PAYE Payment – January 2016

  • VAT Payment (Other than Manufactures & Financial Service) – (January 16-31) 2016

20th February 2016

  • VAT Payment (Quarterly) – 1st Installment of 1st Quarter 2016(Manufactures & Financial Service) 

  • VAT Payment (Monthly) – January 2016

  • VAT Payment VAT on Financial Services -  January 2016

  • NBT – 1st Payment - 1st Quarter 2016

28th February 2016

  • VAT Payment (Other than Manufactures & Financial Service) – (February 1-15) 2016

  • VAT Return - Monthly (January 2016)